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The delegation’s last and final stop was in Azerbaijan, in Baku, on January 26th and 27th. On the 26th, an agreement was signed in Baku between President Celil Yaka of the Turkic American Chamber of Commerce (TACC) and Rashid Cholak of Ipek Yolu Development Support of Enterprises. Ipek Yolu is Turkish for “Silk Road.”

Additionally, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the President of TACC, Mr. Celil Yaka, and a distinguished representative of the Azerbaijan International Society of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen (TÜS?AB), Mr. Sinan Goral.

Later, the delegation met with Hazar Media Group President Hüseyin Dinlemez at their Baku news studios. Hazar is Turkish for “Caspian.”